Rexobol 50

Rexobol 50 (Stanozolol 50mg) has powerful anabolic properties with minimal androgenic effects on the body. In sport, this drug came from veterinary medicine and quickly gained recognition by athletes. Scientists have found that stanozolol is an antagonist of the hormone progesterone, but it is still not able to completely eliminate the progestogen effect inherent in nandrolone.

Today, the injectable form of stanozolol called winstrol is very popular. There are practically no differences between the tablet and injection drug. Perhaps the only advantage of Winstrol is a higher bioavailability. If you want to have an effective cutting cycle, then you should definitely buy Stanozolol.

Rexobol effects

  • Improves the quality of sculpting muscles
  • Accelerates the process of excretion of excess fluid from the body
  • Significantly increases appetite
  • Able to inhibit globulin production
  • It has antiestrogenic properties
  • Significantly increases physical parameters

Rexobol usage

Stanozolol solo course is carried out solely to improve the quality of sculpted muscles. Of course, you can gain a couple of kilos of dry weight, but this is not the main task of stanozolol. If you are going to use injectable Winstrol, then the daily dosage of the drug is 5 milligrams. It is the need for frequent injections that can scare away beginner builders from the drug. Apply a tablet preparation in an amount of 30 milligrams, also daily.

The duration of the cycles of this excellent drug is a maximum of two months. You should also remember that stanozolol very effectively removes water from the body and this can turn from an advantage into a disadvantage, as the joints are drained. When using Winstrol, be careful not to damage the ligaments.

You can combine the drug with almost any anabolic steroid. The best results are observed when used with powerful androgens: Testosterone or Dianabol. To ensure that your combined cycles are safe, it is important to use no more than 0.5 grams of all the drugs involved in the cycle throughout the week.
This steroid is quite safe and can be used by women.

Rexobol 50 reviews

Almost all Stanozolol users indicate a high fat-burning ability of the drug. If you meet negative opinions about Winstrol, then most often they are associated with dissatisfaction with the insignificant mass gain. So that you are not disappointed with this steroid, remember that it is primarily intended to improve the sculptural character of muscles. Women are also satisfied with the drug, with a special emphasis on the high safety of anabolic steroids. The price of Rexobol 50 is affordable and the drug can be used by a wide range of bodybuilders.

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