Fluoxymesterone (Halotest, Halobol, Halotestin) is an anabolic steroid that has a pronounced androgenic and relatively weak anabolic effect. It is mainly used to increase strength indicators, muscle density and aggression, without increasing the total body weight.

Due to its specific activity, Halotest is mainly used by power athletes who do not want to increase their weight class, as well as in boxing and other martial sports just before competitions.

Fluoxymesterone is highly toxic to the liver. The exact mechanism of action has not yet been studied, a non-receptor effect on the muscles is assumed.

A steroid with one of the most pronounced androgenic actions is Halotest. In addition to the increase in muscle mass, its intake increases activity and motivation, helping to achieve high strength indicators in sports. Anabolic several times superior in effect to Methyltestosterone. It does not aromatize, accordingly it does not retain water, does not cause gynecomastia. An ideal drug if you need to increase strength indicators in a short time.

Effects of the active substance fluoxymesterone

Due to the high coefficient of androgenic activity and moderate anabolic effect, the drug has the following properties:

  • increased stamina and strength
  • tightening of muscle tissue and enhancing muscle drawing
  • increase in power indicators, aggression, motivation
  • positive impact on the psychological attitude
  • increase in muscle mass when combined with steroids with a pronounced anabolic effect
  • has fat-burning properties

Along with a quick and powerful effect, Halotest often causes side effects associated with toxic effects on the liver. Therefore, it is very important to observe the dosage, which should be selected after excluding all contraindications individually by a specialist in sports medicine.

How to use halotest and halotest cycles

The average daily dosage is 10 mg, the maximum safe amount of Fluoximisterone is 20 mg per day (no longer than 6 weeks). At the time of administration include choleretic drugs. After the cycle PCT should be carried out.

Women are not recommended to take this drug.

It is recommended to take the drug not during the main active training, but in the pre-competitive period to maintain and improve the form. According to reviews Halotest also gives a good effect in combination with Nandrolone.

Halotestin side effects

  • increases hair growth throughout the body
  • increases oily skin, increases the risk of acne
  • negative effect on the prostate gland
  • oligospermia

The risk of these side effects increases if the drug is taken in high dosages and for a long time.

Combinations of halotest with other steroids

It is combined with absolutely all anabolic steroids: with all testosterone esters, with Nandrolone, with Trenbolone, with Boldenone, etc.

Post-cycle therapy (PCT)

Clomid is recommended after the Halotest cycle.

The PCT scheme depends on the duration of administration and dosage. On average your recovery scheme will look like this:
15 days 50 mg of clomid per day
15 days 25 mg of clomid per day.

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