Clomifene promotes the release of large amounts of gonadotropins, which stimulate the production of estrogen and testosterone in the body. The structure of this substance differs slightly from the characteristics of estrogen. It is considered one of the most effective pharmacological drugs, this substance is actively used in the medical field. Now many professional athletes actively use it to improve the results of the training process.

This synthetic, non-steroidal drug prevents the negative “kickback phenomenon” in training, the essence of which is that an athlete who takes anabolic steroids for a long time after the end of the course quickly loses the gained muscle mass. Using Clomifene the athlete maintains the gained muscle volume. This drug is very popular among bodybuilders, it is used by athletes engaged in weightlifting, fitness and powerlifting.

Clomifene is designed in such a way that it can safely and painlessly increase the level of testosterone in the blood, affect the firmness of the muscles of athletes. The substance is safe for the body, since it does not have an anabolic effect. Also, this tool minimizes the negative effect of anabolic steroids, prevents the development of gencomastia, accumulation of fluid in the body and fat deposition.

Using Clomifene before competitions, athletes maintain the sculpturality of their muscles, their hardness. Fast results, safety of use and quality of this drug make it one of the leaders among pharmacological agents in the sports world.

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Showing all 5 results